Session formats

NZIEC KI TUA 2024 offers a range of sessions within its breakout programme. We invite submissions for the following formats: 

  • Inspire breakouts
  • Expert panels
  • Interactive workshops

Inspire breakouts

Audience participation: Low
Learning from: Speaker
Speakers: 1 speaker only
Time: 15 minutes

Similar to a TED talk, in our inspire breakout sessions, you will have up to 15 minutes to take delegates on a fast-paced journey on a specific topic. 

Inform and inspire your colleagues by:

  • discussing a specific topic, or
  • showcasing a case study of best / novel practice

Inspire breakouts are designed to be content heavy – you should walk delegates through all the essentials without delay. 


  • If you are offering a case study, please ensure you talk about what didn’t work in addition to your successes – as the richest learnings often come from unanticipated challenges.
  • Four inspire breakouts will be scheduled together within an hour-long session, so delegates can gain insights from four different presenters in that time. 
  • No question time is included: Delegates can ask questions of the speakers following the session. 
  • Inspire breakouts involve only one speaker. You are able to add an additional presenter to your session but note that speaker rates are not available for that second speaker

Expert panels

Audience participation: Low-Medium
Learning from: Panellists
Speakers: 2-3 panellists + 1 moderator 
Time: 60 minutes

Expert panels involve a group of experts discussing a contemporary or burning issue in front of delegates. 

Panellists are selected to provide a range of differing perspectives; the aim being to generate lively discussion and a range of takeaways for the audience. Panellists can come from within the international education sector or from outside it. Note that NZIEC KI TUA is committed to ensuring diversity and representation on all panels.

Panels involve a moderator who guides the discussion through a series of prepared and adlibbed questions. The moderator also calls upon the audience for questions to help take the conversation forward. 


  • NZIEC KI TUA is committed to ensuring diversity and representation in its speaking line-up, particularly on panels. Care should be taken when nominating panellists to ensure appropriate representation. 
  • The best panels are focused on discussing a question which provides ample room for differing perspectives and approaches. By way of example, previous NZIEC KI TUA panels have discussed: 'How to reconnect and renew relationships with education agents', 'How to raise indigenous participation in outbound mobility' and 'How to overcome barriers to innovation in international education'. 
  • You do not need to identify your panellists at the time of submission; if the panel is accepted, the team at ENZ can work with you to help identify potential panellists.
  • Please note that speaker rates are not available for your panellists.

Interactive workshops 

Audience participation: High
Learning from: Facilitator and peers
Speakers: 1-2 facilitators 
Time: 60-75 minutes 

Workshops involve high levels of audience interaction and participation, with a focus on ‘hands-on-practice’. 

These interactive sessions see delegates work individually and/or in groups to implement or practice a concept or technique facilitated by the expert presenter-facilitator.  

Workshops involve a mix of learning from the facilitator as well as from peers. 


  • For NZIEC KI TUA 2024, we are keen to see delegates ‘build something’ they can take with them back to their organisation – this could be a plan, a MVP or similar.
  • We don’t expect these short-form workshops to ‘solve the problem or opportunity’, but rather to equip delegates with some essentials which they can build upon when they return to their organisation.

Presenters are welcome to suggest alternative formats for their presentation: email 

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